Bulk Orders

We currently accept bulk or wholesale orders. These can be used for stockists and reselling, as well as for wedding favors, gifts and special occasions. Soap design and packaging can be tailored to suit your needs.






A minimum order of US$ 200 is required for opening an order with wholesale prices.


We will send you a list of our wholesale prices so that you can place your order. After mentioning the items you require, we will send a digital invoice that also includes shipping and handling fees. Payment can be made using credit card, PayPal or direct bank transfer. Once we receive the payment, we will process and ship your order. Please allow three to four weeks for this (so please plan ahead!). We will select the most efficient shipping carrier based on the total weight of your package and on your location. We will work closely with you for bulk orders and ensure they make it to your doorstep as efficiently and safely as possible.


To start, simply fill in this form and mention “BULK ORDER” in the subject, and briefly provide an idea of the order you would like to place. We will typically reply within 1 business day.