Our story.

We started making our organic soap bars for personal use, as a way to avoid mass-produced chemical based soaps. This later evolved into a small business. We have been producing and offering our organic soap products long before Nora Beauty Shop, and have recently expanded to ship them internationally. We believe that what our customers enjoy most about our soaps, other than the fact that they are all-organic, is the love and passion we put into them. We know for a fact that this is the main reason for our success, and we thank you for sharing this with us.



We do not outsource anything, and make and deliver our own soap bars by hand, from the organic raw materials involved, to the final soap bar in your soap dish. For instance, small batches of soap are made in order to ensure optimal freshness. We prepare and harvest fresh ingredients, and follow our recipes to prepare the soap for molding, and then cutting the following day. This is followed by a one month curing period, during which the soap is placed on curing racks to dry and harden up. Once completely cured, the soap bars are wrapped up and shipped out. Overseeing the entire process allows us to manually maintain the highest quality products possible, and to constantly refine our techniques and further improve our products. This is always evident in each bar of soap, which you will find to be unique and distinct from the next.


All-Organic Ingredients.

Nature has provided us with an abundance of organic substances which have the power to maintain optimal skin and body health. Our soap products are made with care, using only natural ingredients. This is in contrast to mass-produced chemical based soaps. We strictly use only wholesome, all-organic ingredients in all of our products. We check to ensure the ingredients are harvested or sourced in a responsible and environment-friendly manner; for instance, we only use sustainable palm oil sourced from Malaysia, the world’s top producer of certified sustainable palm oil. Regarding soap, we use substances derived from the earth and readily available in ‘nature’, including herbs, spices, fruits, flowers, clays, oils and butters. After hundreds of recipes attempted over the years, we have narrowed our list down to the most beneficial and effective soap recipes. These ingredients work together to provide cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing, rejuvenating, refreshing and soothing effects on your body, and even on your mood.